best brands – the italian brand ranking – 2016 edition

Which are the best brands in Italy?

Good question.
Until yesterday the answer was based on the consumer’s perception or on the sales performance, and often the evaluation was entrusted by a jury. Since last year, with the arrival of best brands in Italy, the answer is different.

Mixing the emotional component and the commercial success and finding out the opinion of those who truly determine the success of a brand: the public.

An extensive study conducted by GfK on 4,500 cases allows to give the most objective answer to the question: “who is the best?”

This year’s awards have been three:

Best Corporate Brand – who rewards the Company,
Best Product Brand – who rewards the Brand,
Best Brand Growth – which rewards Product brand which recorded the highest growth in the last year.

  • Best Corporate Brand


  • Best Product Brand


  • best growth brand

    Rigoni di Asiago