Best Brands Gala 2016

After the great success of the first edition in 2015, on the November 9th there was Best Brands event in Italy.

The gala, hosted by Filippa Lagerback in the RAI Studios in Milan, has been a unique occasion to make a point about the Italian brand system. After a wide and accurate survey managed by GfK on 4.500 cases, the three pearls of this year: Best Corporate Brand, Best Product Brand and Best Growth Brand have been discovered.

Starting from this edition, the partners of Best Brands have created the Innovation Award, a special recognition to elect the brand that better represents the idea of innovation: the choice is gone to Airbnb, that, from its born in 2008, has become one of the most revolutionary and relevant brand of the world. Alexandra Dimiziani, Head of Airbnb global marketing, collected the prize and revealed the successful strategy of the brand, disclosing also the next challenges to face. The famous anchorwoman Camila Raznovich  interviewed her.

Marco Bianchi, known as “the scientist chef ”, closed the gala offering his specialities on the notes of the Bocconi Jazz Business Unit.

Alex Dimiziani

Global Marketing Director, Airbnb

Alexandra has been the head of Airbnb EMEA since August 2014. In her 20 years of eclectic and brilliant career, Alex has worked as account manager, brand strategist, marketing director, country manager, and journalist.

Marco Bianchi

Science developer

Marco Bianchi, born in 1978, is a scientific testimonial for Fondazione Umberto Veronesi (FUV) and Ambassador of EXPO Milano 2015. He promotes the protective factors offered by a good nutrition through culinary advices that help to stay healthy with taste and to prevent the most common diseases.


Best Brands Gala 2015

Milan, October 28th

Now we know which brand is the most recognised and loved in Italy: it’s Coca-Cola, the winner of the Best Brands Product Italia 2015 award.
Hosted at the Rai studios, inVia Mecenate, Milan, the award night saw the participation of over 300 managers from some of the leading companies that operate in Italy, who all eagerly waited to see some special guests and hear the results of the Best Product Brand award.
After all, we are celebrating a new beginning: a new way to rate the top brands that have been brought to Italy by Serviceplan, the most important independent communication group in Europe, which, together with GfK, first launched the event in Germany thirteen years ago.
On stage, presenter Filippa Lagerback, was joined by Philippe Daverio, who led a talk on the artistic and cultural value of a brand; ‘serial starter’ Jörg Reinboldt and CEO of Axel Springer Plug and Play and former CEO and co-founder of eBay Germany; the partners of the initiative, Giovanni Ghelardi,
MD of Serviceplan Italia and Silvio Siliprandi of GfK Eurisko; Fabrizio Piscopo, MD of Rai Pubblicità; the general manager of System, Ivan Ranza, and Salvatore Sagone, Director of ADC Group.