best brands – quore di mercato

What does “success” mean for a brand?
To conquer more possible market shares or to reach consumers’ hearts?

Best Brands thinks that emotional ties are as important as commercial ones. And that a strong relationship with people generates a more real and lasting success.

For this reason we study Brands operating in Italy evaluating their financial values and their emotional values, investments and feelings.
We do this through a rigorous research that combines market performance with consumer opinions, this year expressed in 6,500 interviews.

Best Brands, at its fifth edition in Italy, became a privileged observatory to understand the Italian market.
During the Gala of 20th November we will know which Brands are really preferred by the Italians.

At the usual 3 classifications:
Best Corporate Brand, the ranking of company brands;
Best Product Brand, the ranking of product brands;
Best Growth Brand, the ranking of the product brands that have registered the most significant growth in the last year;

We added a fourth one Best Digital Life Brand, , to find out who in the digital world knows how to best propose with authority and empathy.

  • Best Corporate Brand

  • Best Product Brand

  • best growth brand

  • Best Digital Life Brand