best brands – the italian brand ranking – 2017 edition

The success of a Brand is not given only by sales performances.
There are other factors at play: Best Brands, at its 3rd edition in Italy, evaluates them all.

Combining the emotional component and the commercial success, evaluating the opinion of those who truly decide the success of a brand: the public. A huge study conducted by GfK on 4500 cases that will make us understand, in the most objective way, which are the Italians favorite brands.
Thanks to this method, Best Brands has revolutionized the way to see and evaluate the brands.

This year there will be four rankings:
Best Corporate Brand, the ranking of Company brands;
Best Product Brand, the ranking of product brands;
Best Growth Brand, the ranking of product brands that recorded the most significant growth in the last year;
Best Millennials Brand, the special ranking dedicated to the Millennials relationship with product brands.

  • Best Corporate Brand

  • Best Product Brand

  • best growth brand

  • Best Millenials Brand